Many of us have learned to seek relief and inspiration from self-improvement

and we may continue to use external references to guide our lives.

The 10 Promises help resource a life of authenticity and autonomy. 

"The 10 Promises are seeds to grow the heart of humanity."


"I wanted to say thank you so much for leading this work I find every aspect of it to be truly brilliant and it really helps me to realign my brain. I am so thankful that you created this incredible program! I am a huge fan and steward of it."


The 10 Promises are your core resources for creating and living your amazing life.

Each week you will study how to live from one of the 10 Promises. You will grow your mind, body, and heart with these powerful gifts.

Inside your 10 Promises Course::

-Create a life of compassion with the 10 Promises.

-Understand the four foundations of mindfulness.

-Learn breathing techniques for balancing the body, mind, emotions, & heart.

-Practice mindfulness for maintaining your body’s energy.

-Study tips for awareness of nutrition and wellness for every body.

Live-Streamed Course::

Personal Mentoring with nina be


Online Course Fee::



In the 10 Promises Course

you will move from::

problems ➡ promises

confusion ➡clarity

isolation ➡ connection

exhaustion ➡ vitality

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