Continuing the Conversation::

Mindfulness in your body, mind, emotions and spirit

Sunday nights

June 19, 26 & July 3

6-8pm EST

You are invited!

If you have attended a mindfulness course or wisdom circle with nina be, you are invited to …continue the conversation.

We will meet for 3 sessions to explore the details of how to become less agitated and more resourced as a leader and advocate for compassionate conversations.

Each session will begin with several prompts about how you treat yourself and others.  The second part of the group will be a practice for compassionate conversation.  The parts of this skill are rarely broken down so that compassionate conversation can be how we always invite others in.  How to create enough space to mindfully express how we care about our place and the world .

These groups will be small enough so that everyone has a chance to contribute, to speak, to listen and be seen.


This is not just another anonymous online course.


We practice from agreements around respect, deep listening and honoring each other's courage and vulnerability.


Join this group of proactive people full to dive deep and invest in yourself and your family and your future and the worlds.


Enroll in this course!


What is::

Mindfulness in the body

Psycho-Socio-EcoBiology of our Humanity

How are we in Relationship

The effect of Negative Emotions 

 Fueling Transformation w/ Resources