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Mindfulness Meditations

4-week series::

Tuesdays 7:30 - 8:30 pm EST live on zoom

October 18, 25, November 1, & 8, 2022

Explore and learn ways to support more harmony and connection

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Donations benefit the LiveGlobally freshwater project in Costa Rica

Sit with your love of the Earth and be led into the 4 pillars of Mindfulness

What to expect

Students are asked to attend all 4 lessons, bring a journal, have space to move and a way to sit comfortably. Bring their love of the Earth. 

Students will be led into the 4 pillars of Mindfulness.
We enter the present moment with feeling through the
body senses.

We then look at the aspects of the Mind that may be negative/positive, past/future, fast/slow, etc. 

The next layer addressed will be feeling using polyvagal theory to help unify and create harmony in the nervous system as an understanding of the connected Self. 

Next, we will explore the 4 seasons of the Earth and the similarities in the physical, mental, emotional feelings of the Self. The intention is to cultivate together a loving and compassionate tone for feeling comfortable in moving within these softer ways and narratives for more health, connection and longevity.  

Each week we will explore and learn ways to support more harmony and connection to ourselves and how to expand that into our relationship with the Earth and nature. Everyone will be asked to contribute their suggestions from their unique experiences and love of the Earth.